Sunday, March 02, 2008

Connies Garden

After my stress test on Tuesday I went to see my friend Connie in North Augusta...we went for a wild walk in her neighborhood of charming bungalows....the wind helped us up and down the hills...sorry if the pictures are a little blurry here and was a wildly windy day...we got BLOWN UP the hill when we went for our walk in her neighborhood.

Connies house - a Queen Anne - built around 1900 has a beautiful yard and gardens...all kinds of old and new plantings. Her husband who is in charge of a local golf course is quite the gardener as is Connie...and this house is just perfect for them with its lovely gardens...

A LOVELY Pink and white Camiella
Connie had to hold the flowers while i took pictures because it was blowing sooo hard....

Another Camellia

Her lovely clematis and a japanese maple...

Cant remember the name of this but isnt it lovely?

I posted this picture so you could see how wild the winds were that day
This lovely very tall old camellia bush was just tossing in the winds

More flowers

Saving the best picture of this awesome bush for last

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YankeeQuilter said...

Love the deep colors of the flowers. Hope the stress test went well...walking through the gardens must help!