Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday storm-white caps on the river

Heres the same view NOT an hour later....

and nary a storm cloud in the sky ...isnt weather wild...and all the time the local tv weather guys had all kinds of wild storms passing right over us

hmmm if i could have remembered to hold down the button on the camera this video would have all been in one...this is the same wild storm blowing down the Savannah River that blew thru Atlanta earlier today tearing up Centennial Park, Westin Peachtree and the Equitable Building as well as tearing up a block in Cabbage Town a part of town just east of downtown Atlanta

The local tv channels have been covering this storm for THREE hours now...must have been a REALLY wild one...they are telling everyone to stay home...trees down all over the CSRA, power outages...glad we have the lights where is my greys anatomy cd?!

BTYW did you know that our local Channel 12 WRDW has a service that will let you put your phone number in and they will automatically call you when there is a tornado watch in your area...we would have been called last nite ....we were in the huh?


Lin said...

FABULOUS!!!! What a wild sound, Maggie -- and the storm clouds -- awesome!!! We got a bit of this weather too -- the weather folks kept interrupting programming ... but the rain was wonderful and so needed!! GREAT JOB on the pix and video! now PAINT THEM!

dogquilter said...

amazing you didn't lose your electric when just the other side of the bridge we did for hours!!