Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So I made 14 more beads


last nite when i got home and managed to burn up ANOTHER heat gun...I think i am backwashing the heat into the gun holding it in a downward position for two hours...well not a solid two hours but using it that way for two hours off and was bed time anyway when it back to michaels again...and if this one dies...I think i will take the hint and quit making beads...or take up lampwork beads:> or make that book i have been meaning to make

I got another set of pearlex #1 with my michaels coupon...lovely interference colors which give a beautiful glow of blue or purple or gold...just a bare hint...I also got some UTEE in interference blue which is fun...beware its NOT clear but gives a beautiful blue glow to the bead...some of the lightest beads are dipped in it...yummy stuff...

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