Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Augusta in spring time must mean that it is time for the Masters AGAIN

This is one of my favorite houses -think it is called Lookaway Hall on one of my favorite drives this time of year to see the flowers on Walton Way...this is a VERY old house...early 1800s that i pass on the way to work...even it has its azaleas

Augusta is a beautiful place this time of the year....most of its holes are named after the flowers that abound in Augusta the first full week of Aprillaiden with all kinds of flowering trees and bushes...everywhere you look....everyone spruces up for the Masters golf tournament and the HUGE influx of tourists coming for the tournament....these are just a few of the lovely spots in the area around the Augusta National where the tournament is held. The National was built on one of the oldest nurseries in the SE and is even more gorgeous because of all the old growth trees and bushes and of course the immaculate care given to the grounds.

Dont you just love this gate with its view into one of the flower covered subdivisions here?


Anita Davies said...

Beautiful photos Margaret, thankyou for sharing them!
That view through the gates is SOOO inviting!

Teri C said...

Wow, these are just gorgeous gorgeous photos!! I know my DH will be watching the game but we never see these views. Thanks.

Margaret Ann said...

Oh! How glorious and jubilant! Thanks so much for the arm chair tour...hearts must really be singing in the south at this time of year...Enjoy every gorgeous flower petal you see!

PNH said...

Your photos are wonderful, gives us hope in the north. Spent some time in Augusta during the war, my husband was stationed there. I'm sure there have been many changes. Thanks for the memories.