Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday things

I think this one needs some more color especially when you compare it to the next one...drawn with a pigma pen(see it on the bottom of the left page) and colored pencils...well i colored it after i filled the page up!!! really i did! I havent outgrown coloring books yet...and ink sketches just scream at me to color them!!!

So this morning while reading blogs and moonlight chronicles
Dan Cook's How to make a journal of your life(would someone please tell me where his kids were when he was wandering the country sketching and living in a teepee)....i got this idea to draw all the things that i used today...not to do serious sketching but just doodle them and journal about them in odd letters...a collection of my day! 9 am i had filled up a page...who knew you used so many things??? By 4 pm despite that i spent THREE hours weeding and planting flowers i had filled up the other page...this is what i drew...

NO i have not started a third page BUTTT i drew some of the animals i saw today...Animals i saw today....and would someone PLEASE tell me why my pitt pens despite the fact they are india ink and supposedly waterproof want to bleed when you color over the black?!! india ink SHOULD NOT BLEED!!!

This started because i saw two deer on the far side of the river bank EARLY this morning in the edge of the woods...a fisherman scared them off but NOT before i took their picture...thats why the camera is in the first sketch page...luckily for me I saw two more birds AFTER i finished this page....a swift and a fast flyer...a hawk or a large crow...too far away to tell... I am a TERRIBLE drawer of birds!!!! but these were fun...i found a bumble bee and a wasp on the floor BOTH dead while i was cleaning up the porch and making the bed this i threw them in...they count...they are animals even if they are dead.

i rescued two lizards from the cat...he thinks the back porch is his hunting preserve...and no matter how many times i catch the chameleons he always finds another...we have quite a few with broken tails ...i catch them wherever he puts them and stick them outside hopefully to grow a new tail.

AND NO I am NOT drawing all those plants i planted today!!! really not today not now!!!


Shirley said...

Really fun pages - quite the visual journal of your day!

Penny said...

Thank for leaving a comment Maggie, havent been to your page for ages, love what you are doing, I have been making books too, but really like the idea of drawing all the things you did in a day. Must try that some time.

Margaret Ann said...

Wow! What great pages...both are so filled to the brim with energy and activity! Whew! :)

dogquilter said...

You did get a lot done today didn't you?! It's amazing what all gets done in a day. Jazz & Charlie are especially cute!!

john.p said...

Love the pages, Margaret! I wondered the same thing about Dan's kids, too. And as a fellow-Dad I wondered how could he leave those responsibilities? But, I still love his work. Great idea to capture the daily consumables! And the candidness of the toilet paper, too. Honesty. Critters are on my list to attempt. I like your collection.