Friday, May 09, 2008

another kid pic....most days in may...

Caught watching a movie...the backs of their heads will remain nameless! BYTW she was cold from the ac!! It blows like a gale wind...bbrrrrr

so far i am doing everyday in may...but you never know when that will change....thats why i am calling it MOST days in MAY....and everyone knows that teachers are crazy busy the last two weeks of school...may be helping the media specialist close out the library...and finishing up end of the year dibble testing and the best part of the end of the year...KINDERGARTEN graduation...doesnt get any better than watching them in all thier excitement!!

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Margaret Ann said...

Nice EDinM collection of drawings...your school drawings are always a favorite of mine...lots of love in them from you brings a lot of nostalgia for teaching back to me. :)