Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pieceful Hearts Hickory Knob Quilt Retreat Part 2

Pat busy doing hmmm what are you doing Pat? Some people even haul their own chairs up there...i settled for a cushion.
Pam and Rachel consulting on...hmmm??? seems i dont know what i was taking pics of!
Linda maker of countless intricate miniature quilts...
Snowflakes for hmmm a Thomas Kinkaide quilt that i actually like...in fact its pretty much the only thing of his that i like...

The beginnings of one of Linda's miniatures...number 100 and WHAT linda??? and if you look to the left another of her popular halloween sunbonnet sues...
Linda's turning twenty again...different yet again
She calls it Elsie's quilt after her mom because her name is in it...or is that the name of the fabric line?

Didnt she do a great job fracturing it...she used to panels to make it.
Believe it or not a seven year old made this quilt...a brownie...part of the girl scout project that Patty does to make quilts for veterans...we've alot of those here in Augusta with Fort Gordon nearby.

And YES the seven year old quilted it...on a long arm hobby frame...well a mid arm...but didnt she do a great job...she even drew stars...talented kid!!

Now this is Pattys quilt...made from hmm is it a scrap quilt...anyway its based on one of Bonnie Hunters patters from quiltsville.com...this is truly an amazing quilt...and large...those pieces are made from 1 1/2 inch strips...tiny things...lots of tiny things....see if you can find the star blocks.

Chantels SLIGHTLY fabulous turning twenty again...swiped from Siobhan's Facebook Photos
Sharons quilt that I stole from Siobhan's Facebook photos....

Another MANIC quilter...Shelvy Miller...shes going to sell this because she doesnt like the color!! want her email address???? Bytw shes sending it out to Kathy at Quilt shop on the corner for quilting.

Our friend Paula makes prayer quilts for her church in Augusta. This is her tenth one. She makes the whole quilt then the church members come up and say a prayer and tie a knot in it. The quilt is later given to someone who they said the prayers for...isnt that a lovely thought...we are all going to help her make more on Saturday afternoon...so come and help us...she lost her assistants so we are volunteering. Detail of the prayer quilt. Back of the prayer quilt.

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