Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hickory Knob Part 1

Kays fabulous witch doll...she still needs a name and a witches hat...Kay even knit the shawl the doll is wearing...who knew Kay knew how to knit?!

Every year our local quilt guild goes to the SC Hickory Knob State Park near McCormick SC. Its on Lake Thurmond. We rent cabins and rooms in the hotel and the big meeting room called the Barn also called the Long Cane Building after i think a revolutionary war battle near here...Long Cane is BIG in McCormick County. Anyway three days in January of sewing, fun, laughter, comraderie, wine, and of course eating...every cabin takes a turn preparing a meal while we are there...no point in going on a diet till Hickory Knob Retreat is over...

Here are some of the pics...hopefully more over the next few days...we also now have a facebook group to post all of our pictures....bytw theres more room in the Barn if you want to join our guild and come south and sew your brains out for the weekend...
Kay working on her fabulous black and white crazy quilt...NO i didnt take a pic...sorry...
Sharon is an example to us all ...she never watches tv and boy does she turn out the quilts...she even sews with migraines that would put the rest of us in bed! I wish i had taken a picture of this one too ...its a gorgeous thing made from aborigine fabric....

Thats the two Paulas in the background...two more diligent quilters..I hear we now have THREE paulas... Rachel ( I dont know whats the matter with her!!!) Kay and Kim...havent you finished your block yet Kim???
Dana's Hoochy Mama blocks from the class that i taught back in December at Branums. This class was based on Mary Lou Wiedman's book.

Dana and her doll that is telling her GET me DRESSED...ITS cold outside...dont you know its supposed to snow...where are they?

Sharon is an example to us all ...she never watches tv and boy does she turn out the quilts...she even sews with migraines that would put the rest of us in bed!

Pat Wooke working on her fabulous PAPER PIECED Mariners Compass Quilt.

This is a better shot of it although the colors are dark...its much brighter...this is about half of the quilt.

Connie Sewing on her circle quilt...one jillion circles to go

Kim being diligent working on her raffle quilt block...this group does some absolutely gorgeous applique...the quilt is based on Piece of Cakes Fruit Quilt ...yes we got permission! Let me know if you want a ticket...the proceeds go to Camp Rainbow, a camp for kids surviving with cancer.
Rachel patting her fabrics into place. The ladies quilt is her quilt. She did a great job getting it together and getting the characters drawn!

She wanted to claim that yummy quilt behind her but it is Chantals turning twenty AGAIN...best thing about those is they look great in any colors...but batiks and Kaffe Fassett Fabrics are my favorites in this sooo easy quilt...we unanimously agree that the plain jane turning twenty is BORING...the pieces are tooo big to be interesting...but get some jazzy fabric and try a turning twenty again next time you have to make one of those TO DO quilts...like for a baby or a wedding...they will love them..ask me how i know?! And if you work hard you can make a king sized quilt top in a day...at least a twin...really....

Here are a couple of mine in case you dont believe me Kaffe (scroll down thru the post to see the turning twenty kaffe quilt) and flea market fabrics from People Places and quilts...my mom loves this one o yeah and an african fabric one...appropriate for today

Mary Verdery's Quilt Kit from People Places and Quilts Shop in Summerville and Charleston SC...they do such a good job packaging their products....and are not to be missed if you are driving down I26 to Hilton Head. They believe in keeping your husband comfy and fed while you shop:>
This quilt was designed by Diane Frankenberger and is made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics...shes so good at presentation and designing funky folk art quilts.

You can also tour the shop on one of my old blog posts...LOTS of pictures!

Mary with the box all tied up!

Inside Mary's quilt kit from People Places and Quilts. Dont you love that tissue paper and isnt the layout just well darn yummy!!! I WANT I NEED!!!! DIANE can I HAVE ONE?!
The twins...Mary Verdery on the left and Catty on the right...shes the naughty one...Cat comes up from near Charleston every year to play with us...hmmm sometimes shes leading the play...see the naughty twinkle in her eye?

The twins deciding on that flip flop quilt ...these ladies have lucky grandchildren...they turn out the cutest bright funky quilts for them by the stack.

Did I say that we have at least THREE sets of twins in our guild..IDENTICAL...

Moooorreee coming...this only has taken me TWO hours to do...SMOOSHY HUGS...Maggie dahling in sc where its been snowing for THREE hours now...or is it four...and we have a new president!

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