Monday, January 19, 2009

WHAT I did at Hickory Knob

After embellishments

Before embellishments

Well first i had a fight with the toilet paper and make a long story short...i am pretty sure i had an acute allergy attack brought on by using toilet paper because i didnt have any kleenex...because as soon as i quit using the toilet paper the allergy attack was over...well mostly ...but because i was sneezing so much and had no kleenex i used if for FIVE hours on Saturday getting sicker and sicker in nonstop sneezing....till i gave up on it and got a towel...amazingly that was the end of the allergy attack...BET Hickory Knob stores that stuff in a mildewy storage by the time i felt like joining in the fun...i only felt like visiting...and i was visiting with my Dear friend Rachel who always has a bazillion shoulda outta woulda projects of these was to make 50th birthday quilts for a singles group she belongs too...
After embellishments
Feeling a little perkier and not wanting to pin any quilts together (all I had brought to do) OR knit some more on my sweater I volunteered to help her with her project...the eight friends sitting or standing around a ten hours later its finished...we had alot of fun picking out the thread...all that kreinek thread outlining the ladies was couched...doubled up and couched for that matter...with invisible YLI thread. I outlined the ladies hands and legs and necks with brown cotton thread...we were using what we had....thread painted their hair with whatever we could scavenge from our dear friends...who also produced cat buttons, wild threads(Dana) and lace and antique ricrack for the napkins(Kay).....finished it up about 1 p m today with a few beads from our collections ands strings of ribbon roses that Rachel forgot she had brought ........

OH the quilting...done by a lady over in Laurens SC...she charged Rach $20 for the job and did a terrific job...dont you love the windows and the floor boards...I am thinking she used a pattern for the boards ...they are so even but she did a lovely job on those...curtains look like they were free handed...

Anyway Rachel's friend Kathy will be getting a surprise birthday present this Friday...I am SOOO glad i helped because it was too much fun...Kathy's going to be shes been waiting a while....tonite we sew the binding down...where are my needles:>


Stay tuned for more from the Pieceful Hearts Hickory Knob Quilt Retreat!!

Smooshy hugs, from Maggie Dahling


Sue Andrus said...

Really fun Quilt! A great group effort!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to hear about the retreat!

norma said...

The embellishments really add a lot, as does the quilting. What a fun quilt!