Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oops i forgot

I promised my friend Marsha I would post a picture of her beloved pincushion on my blog in hopes that someone out there has a pattern for it or the source for the pattern. A friend made this for her along time ago.

It looks like paper pieced diamonds and is quite large for a pincushion...about 8" tall a big star...and its stuffed so its almost as hard as a rock. She THINKS she wants to make one....

VICTORY IS AT HAND IF i can keep the caps lock OFF...Diana Feit found these links to the pincushion...or is it a child's ball...would work for either...

The Treasured Star
Includes Complete Instructions and Stencil
Mfg: Phillips Fiber Art
Design by Cheryl Phillips & Brooke Jeschke

Rhombic Hexecontahedron
Hand stitched. 4 inches tall.

Thanks Diana!!

This is Marsha with her halloween sunbonnet sue quilt that she bought from our friend Linda Yehle who hand appliques these little beauties and sells them for $50...there is also a Christmas version...i think she needs to do Easter dont you? Linda has enough scraps at her house to feed a third world country...we give her all our tiny pieces so she can quest for the perfect sunbonnet sue never know when that tiny flower will be just the right touch for a hat or a dress...bytw I dont know how many sunbonnet sues shes made but shes made over 100 of her double wedding rings...i am thinking this is her 101 sunbonnet sue...

Sharon took my hoochy mama quilt class at the local quilt store about a month ago...shes done with the top...this is one of several she had in her bag....I know why she gets so much done...she had a severe migraine when she took the class...we all tried to send her home but she wouldnt go...she had at least half of these blocks done when the class was over...WAY TO GO SHARON! She is great at persevering...says it dates back to her dj days when she was the whole show on the radio and she had to do it whether or not she felt like it....frankly I would have been in bed....BYTW this was based on the Hoochy Mama book by Mary Lou Wiedmann.

BYTW its all made with hand dyes...well the stars and the churn dashes!

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KarenF said...

The star is great! If you find the pattern source please let me would go over great here in Moravian country

Love the Hoochy Mama quilt!