Sunday, March 22, 2009

Painting on the rivah

A great crowd!

Yesterday the Art Guild of Columbia County came over to my house to paint...draw photo sketch are some pics

Enjoying the 70 degree out for those ants!

Casey, Margaret W, a lady from Texas and Nancy C is hiding behind them all!

Jazz thinks everyone came to see her! Posing for photo ops!

Staci using fabric and paint to make a whip up a storm of painting...

more of this tomorrowWhoever knew there was a boat dock under my fav sycamores?? I take their pics all the time from the back deck but from the edge of the river ...a whole new perspective...

Sharon and Jack hold up under the sycamores painting the opposite trees...

Sharon painting the other sycamores

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Margaret Ann said...

This looks just like heaven! What a fabulous day !