Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More about that art quilt

this is what it looks like now...added a moon/sun...and i like it....some other things that i have tried to add follow....I drew them separately so i could lay them on top of the trees to see if i liked them before i drew them on the trees....none of them have suited me so far....

My Portfolio oil pastels...$10.49 at Staples in the architect supplies....i drew a small cardinal to sit on the branch....this is it before i hit it with water
Dont you love it now that it is wet...its small maybe 4x5"
...the other Margaret said it was TOO big so i made two more smaller are all three of them together...the biggest one is 4x5" one
So then i made ALOT of strips of rubbings of all kinds of things...I think they look like buildings so they may end up in a city scape one day....or not:>

I made strips of rubbings of various things around the house...the left is a trash can expanded metal...the two on the is the brown holey paper below and the other is a rubbing sheet for Oil pastels...Here they are wet

The brown paper I rubbed
I rubbed the tv remote control buttons twice, next my cellphone and the house phone buttons, the top a plastic container, and my laptop table...fav is the top of the plastic box...but dont these look like buildings?

Here they are released with water! ....these all look like the leaning tower of Pisa....

These were for fun...a mountain landscape which i LOVE
If rubbing every textural object in the house was not enough...leaves...well how could i NOT....
My tuscan landscape...
made with a rubbing sheet and pin oak water oak leaves for the trees...FUN!! really like the fields....this is small..maybe 5" square
The water oak leaves
Hmm you cant pile the leaves up and rub them...makes a MESS!!!

well wonder what i will think of to do next with these??? and how to finish the big one...think it needs a border of some kind or other...and then how to quilt it? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

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YankeeQuilter said...

I'm sure this will look great when you get it under your machine and do your thread-painitng! All good!