Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labor Day and a close up look at Almost done

So Happy Labor Day...hope you are having as much fun as all the flotillas of people floating by on the rivah today...all manner of boaters and fisherman enjoying this wonderful almost fall the meantime posting pics of the latest quilt i completed Almost Done done in collaboration with my friend Jeffery Callaham...his artwork is the center which i transferred to fabric and inked with Tsuniko inks.

This is his memory of two of his aunts hanging laundry on a windy spring day in McCormick County, SC.

I actually coordinted the ladies clothes to match some of the dominate colors in an old piece of patchwork that I chopped up to form the borders on this piece. This quilt is not a square or even a parallelogram...all slightly off kilter.

Thread painting was done with whatever color thread that I had that matched the ink colors. Shading done in brown and dark blue and dark green.

I actually had messed up when i was inking the grass area so i cut it off and fused a new grass to cant tell can you?? The grass was quilted with a varigated green thread.


Gloria said...

OOOH, I like this. Makes me smile.

Karoda said...

I like the collaboration behind this...had wanted to collab with my brother who is also an artist/poet and he was being tempermental...but I love this piece and even the wonkiness of it.

Carol C said...

What a great team you make! What a beautiful product of a wondrous collaboration!!!! I love this piece!!

norma said...

It's fabulous! Such energy and movement and your quilting look terrific. Another blue ribbon winner?

The link you gave for Jeffrey Callahan doesn't work.

ann said...

This is a WONDERFUL piece. The sketch is nice, but without your border, it would not be as great as it is. Really nice job.

Anonymous said...

This one is even better than your Asheville winner.