Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Inking on the rivah

Ille added the building and cat to her people...

Today the Wednesday group inked pictures to make quilts with ...we had a blast...worked hard long...lots of good tea chocolate ganache we bees tired:>

Heres what we did ...Black ink sketches got turned into colorful drawings with tsuniko inks.....some people combined the black lined sketches...adding chickens, houses, windows, name it it got combined.

What we found interesting is that we all used the same markers yet each was so different than the other...the individual fingerprint of the creator.Added a window, walls, cats and peaches..Siobhan did a great job!!
Church ladies gossiping...I didnt like my sky so i cut it out and added a piece of hand dyed sky...i added the background to the ladies in the foreground.

Riding high on the old family grey ford tractor...isnt this GREAT? I could hear the stress exuding out of Pam when she got started but this turned out SOOO great!!! Sheets got turned into bright quilts...she added the chicken and the cat....great job SUE!!!


kathy said...

THESE are wonderful, Margaret! Thanks for sharing them.

JYA Fiberarts said...

Great job! I love your illustrations and I love those inks!

norma said...

What a talented group you have! These are wonderful.

Anne Copeland said...

Wish I was there! I wanna make one toooo!!!!! These are so truly cool, and I can't wait to see how they all get finished up. Boy, what a great bunch of artists you all are! Peace and many blessings, Annie