Friday, October 15, 2010

Another ribbon!!

Well Almost Done got its first ribbon at the Georgia Quilt Show in the Gwinnett Center..WOOT...Just a red ribbon BUT hey not to be sniffed at right...there was competition from all over the country. I was so surprised to see how many had entered from all over the place. Pictures were NOT allowed so NOPE no pictures of the other quilts.

To me the biggest problem with entering this show was that there were not enough categories...NO art category, NO professional category - just small wall quilts, large wall quilts etc.

BUT here's my winner...I did take a picture of it before the white glove lady walked up and said no pictures...I told her it was mine and she said OK!! that was fine...oops! I had not noticed the sign that said no bad!

About the show!

Marsha B, Ille W and Elaine T and I went yesterday with our lovely free tickets from Steve at the Nolting store here..He has a booth and of course we had to go by and give him a thank you hug!!....ANYWAY IF you got the tickets....fill out the do NOT have to stand in that endless line...we went to the left side where they were selling something or other and she gave us the wrist bands...

ALSO IF u need backs...the Hancocks booth is selling fabric for up to 85% off its on the far right as you go in. The fabric was REALLY nice and I think it ended up costing us $1.12 a yard...on the way home we were kicking ourselves for NOT getting more backs at that price...what were we thinking. It was M'lissa Rae Hawley fabric which is a nice heavy weight quilters cotton. There are so much help at the Hancocks booth that despite the crowds we got in and out quickly!!

BYTW lunch cost more than the fabric!! OH my...and theres a great shuttle bus that was handily picking us up right as we got out of the car and was there waiting when our TIRED feet were dreading the LONG walk to the car!! Have fun...

PS be sure to look for Sharon Walls quilt and my two quilts in the show!!

AND IF you are going around 285 to Gwinnett...Intown quilters is not far off the Lawrenceville Hwy exit to Decatur...I think its in the old N. Decatur Mall...but its an AWESOME quilt shop and not to be missed if you have time!


norma said...

Congratulations on the win! It's a wonderful quilt. I love the energy and the movement.......the way the wonkiness of the piecing emphasizes the movement in the picture. I can almost feel the wind blowing.

ann said...

Hi Maggie,

Glad this won a ribbon. It is one of my favorites. Not sure why it wasn't a blue ribbon. Maybe the quilt police . . .

Anonymous said...

Dear Maggie,
Congrats on your ribbon, it's a beautiful piece. My quilt, "Jazz Garden" didn't win a ribbon, but it's going to tour with the winners to the other shows.

I agree; the entrance categories were hard to figure out. They seemed to be based more on size than style or content. I wish I could have seen the show.

Linda Laird
Quiltart reader

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Love the quilt- congratulations!

Our NC State Fair is similar. There is a category for Wall Quilts, subdivided into Machine-Quilted or Hand-Quilted. No art quilt category. I was happy my art quilt got a third. But a very good catch-all category is Other Techniques. I snared a blue ribbon for a painted, beaded wholecloth from an Oriental batik fabric.