Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sues birthday quilt is done...

Quilted this quilt today...its Sues very tardy birthday quilt...her birthday was in January. Sue is a cat person...she has four cats...Margaret Wesley drew the center of this quilt...Sues backyard garden...too cute...and of course the call for blocks...cats and sues colors ....
Sues Garden with her kitties

My block...done with Tsunieko inks. I cut out the inked chair and cats and fused it to the flower garden fabric.

Sharon Walls kitty block...I gave it a cat face and whiskers.

Ille Water's block...too cute kitties...also inked with Tsuniko inks. We had a few intensive classes in how to use the inks.

Kim Masseys adorable appliqued cat...its a squash i think?? Part of a set of cats done with veggies...

Now whose block is this?? Marie...the other birthday quilt girl...the Quilt Angel.

Linda Yehle, the famous Sunbonnet Sue Kitty block.

9 kitties from Kate!

Connie's sunflower and kitty block.

Beautiful embrodiered Laurel Burch cat from Dana Wegner.

Awesome applique from Judy Lockhart

Another gorgeous applique from Rachel Watson

Two blocks...the pink crazy quilt by the vroom vroom vroom seamstress Maureen Massey. I quilted it with a feathered wreath. The adorable cat block is Connies I those browns.

Grey kitty from Pam...quilted with kitty features...and Tsunieko Ink Laurel Burch cat by Mary Verdery

Siobhan Furguson's basket full of kitties.

Now I am sure you are wondering what this is but Tom the quilt cat fell in love with this quilt while I had it on the floor to take pics of it...catnip had nothing on this quilt...he rolled on it and stretched and just totally enjoyed this kitty quilt...As I tried to fold it up he got inside the quilt...a kitty cat quilt tent...silly cat...BYTW the dogs did not so much as bat an eyelash at the quilt..but the cat...well he nutted up over it!!


Nancy said...

Amazing quilt. Judy tells me you just got your machine. You do amazing work.
I can't believe you do all this quilting and have time to take and post all these wonderful pictures.
I am inspired.

YankeeQuilter said...

The quilt looks great and your quilting on the basket is awesome!