Monday, April 18, 2011

A HaPpY Birthday To Linda

Linda's needleturned miniature Sunbonnet Sue quilt.

Today we celebrated Linda's birthday...covered dish...everyone enjoyed Rocking on the River...back porch was a popular spot for dining...the island was loaded with fabulous foods...I think Shelvy and Marie are still out there in the rocking chairs:>

Linda is famous for these tiny needle turned Sunbonnet Sue quilts...smaller than a piece of charming that she sells for $50. She also makes double wedding rings ...same Connie decided that we should all do Sunbonnet Sue blocks for her...

My Sunbonnet Sue block for Linda's birthday quilt.

while i did do a block for her I decided that I needed to do a Sunbonnet Sue CAT birthday cake for the party. Did i say Linda LOVES kitties???

I made 2 9" cakes cake...slather it with butter cream frosting especially chocolate and it walks off the table at any covered dish...but this one...I thought about all those ET, trains, bunnies, christmas trees, the state of California and hmm flag cakes that i cut out of sheet cakes or round cakes.

I cut the hat out of one 9" cake and the dress out of the other one. Then I cut the other pieces out of the remainders. Mixed a very large batch of buttercream frosting. Did i say I LOVE my kitchen aide mixer?? And slathered them all together...I do wish i had bought coconut for fur...a white fluffy furry kitty cat would have been cute...oh well next cake, right?

Darling neede turned applique block by Rachel Watson

So you are wondering what does this have to do with Sunbonnet Sue cakes and quilts? well its a birthday block for Connie's birthday of hmm four is it we are working on right now...I think we have finally done more birthday quilts than are left to be done Hallelujah!!


shelvy said...

enjoyed rocking on the rivah! Enjoyed the commeraderie! Thanks for a delightful evening. Marie and I will be back LOL

Marie said...

I had such a great time! Will definately be back!