Saturday, June 04, 2011

OCAF Members show

These two were prominently displayed on the wall opposite the double door entry into the gallery...well lit...needless to say I was pleased!!

Last nite another adventure! I seem to have an adventure at least once a week...My friend Meredith McPherson and I went to the Members Show at the OCAF in Watkinsville GA...GREAT Show...we both had art work in the show...There were also quite a few pieces of fiber art and three or four pieces of literature hanging alongside the traditional stuff...quite an interesting will be up till June 30 so if you are over Athens GA way...try to attend..there's no charge.

Meredith and "One"

- this is chinese calligraphy - Chinese style inkwork on rice paper-0ne stroke NO touch ups...
Meredith is a master at this form of see more of her work click here

ALL THREE of mine were accepted and Meredith's Great ONE painting. Meredith was counting and though everyone could put in three pieces of art she said I was the only one that had three...I do think the two large paintings are by the same person so its hard to program so we could not verify it...

Self Portrait

The smaller gallery has a show by Jonathan Jacquet a UGA professor who does wonderful though slightly sinister and VERY dark oil paintings featuring himself, his wife and his children-portraits with alot of interiors of a house. Huge paintings with details worthy of a Vermeer. He suffers from a disease called AVM and alot of his artwork concerns his dealing with this EYE disease. He would appear to be blind in one eye.

This is a link to Jonathans Flicker page with most of the paintings in his show.

My Box...
looked pretty cool among the rest of the ceramics and small works

I would like to apologize for the pictures...i forgot my "real" camera and sometimes my poor little LG cell phone just does NOT like to take pictures especially if there is sun streaming thru the windows like the wonderful large gallery at the OCAF. I did try to edit them in picnik but some just could not be cleared up....I also did not get the names of the artists...there was no program or if there was we missed it!!

This is a digital photo of the H1N1 virus...really a wonderful image...sorry the camera was NOT happier!!

Historically Connected

A Triptych and quite large

Tooth Fairy Harvest - A Nights Work
Sylvia Dawe

So cunning

Mixed Media-
This artist name is I think Clements and will be the next featured artist in the smaller gallery

Detail of the following rug...
I liked the way they used the plaid wools to add color to this simple pattern

The rug...
terrible picture...detail above is better....$400 and its yours...its quite large...about 8' long 3-4' wide

Loved this very large painting...a country corner before Publixs arrived to take it out

I think this artist's two paintings were my favorite oils in the show...loved the immediacy of his strokes...and of course i should have gotten his name but did i? NOPE!

Small hand dyed shibori and hand painted fabric art quilt...this is what all the pictures looked like before i picniked them.

A tiny art quilt...field of hay in front of woods...sorry i didnt get a better pic...i really liked this one!

Ditto on this one...terrible picture...the sun was flooding the end of the room where these were taken making it quite difficult to get good pics with my cell i check for my camera next time!

Thread painted nude...quite tiny...pretty cool....

Huge painting of a cowboy on a bucking bronco between TWO windows...colors are off but its such a neat painting with all its stained glass like small details.


YankeeQuilter said...

Looks like a great those oils!

Cathy Holtom said...

You're fiber art looked really good displayed, there was lots fo other interesting work too, thank you for sharing. (Don't forget the camera next time!)

Sandra said...

Thank you for the walk through the show. What a neat collection of art.

Judy Maxwell said...

Awesome! I am going to Watkinsville tomorrow, I will try to get by there.