Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 19 Hot off the brush

This was a terrible pencil sketch of a cardinal in my moleskine. I found the moleskine story paper in the back and thought glue it down on that page and redraw. I did and I really like it now!! Should have taken a before!! 

 I am going to use more of that flyer!! Nice buff color and it was easy to watercolor over it!! 

In case you were wondering the background is Cerulean and Yellow Ochre.  I can hardly paint without it anymore.  Gives such lovely delicate colors and delicious greys. 
I also splattered the background with a wet cerulean!

Lettering is done with my Pentel brush fav pen and I went back over some of the original lines done with pitt pens because the watercolor dulls it a little I think! And I LOVE the character of the line the Pentel brush pen does!!

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