Thursday, July 17, 2014

DaY ELeVeN: Labs and Cats

My dogs love my cat and vice versus...not a problem when the dog is my lab Honey.  She and Tom sit out on the back deck companionably for hours staring at who knows what! ?? They certainly did not notice the coyote in the yard ten feet away from them a couple of months ago.  I think Honey keeps vigilance for the lab next door who she does not like because the lab poops in HER yard! My cat is a stray that my son found when he was a tiny kitten, and my dogs are from two of the local pounds - Aiken(Honey) and Augusta (Zoe).
Watercolor in my moleskine.

Honey also loves her pillow inside and her dog potato chips aka raw hide chews.  She expects one whenever I leave...evidently she doesn't gain weight from them like she did the biscuits...she will steal biscuits and anything else bready off the would too if you had looked like a walking cadaver all bones and skin. We have fixed that now..she's sleek, fat, and happy in her forever home!!
Watercolor in my moleskine.

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