Thursday, September 04, 2014

Day 60 - Another Zoe

I thought about quiting but NOPE here I am again.  I painted Zoe again.  Not sure she is finished BUT hey another day another post.  So here goes.

I think her eye turned out great. BUT...

I think this has various problems. She was a wiggly model.  She would tease me by settling down on the pillow then she would move...sigh!! Doesnt she know models are NOT supposed to move?

The ears are a touch too long as is the nose.  I wanted to loose some of the edges but was not sure how to do her right ear is I think too bright...and her left ear...well hmm I dont know...Anyway shes done for now. I am tired so...thats it for tonite.

The background...

The sofa behind her didn't give enough contrast so I darkened it a couple of times.  I think it makes her pop more now.  The right hand side started as just cobalt blue, and I didn't like it so I smeared some indigo over it...still pretty boring..I decided to be brave and covered Zoe up...and everything to the left of her.

I have always loved flinging paint.
I loaded a large brush up and started flinging burnt umber at it...dangerous living with a white dog painting...and then I smeared some of the burnt umber out.  Having survived one paint flinging successfully I decided to fling paint again...and it went where I wanted it...I left some of the splatters on it and wiped some out.  Then I quit before I tempted the fates!!

Thanks for looking!!! 


Kate Powell said...

Nice images!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I Love flinging paint! Zoe is coming along nicely. Next time try to paint her sleeping if she won't hold still!