Sunday, September 07, 2014

Day 63 - More Life Drawing

This was how I left her last nite.  All of these paintings are done with acrylic paint on canvas.  The first one is 14x16. Done from life modeling sessions.

Erica 14x16

Thought I has finished Erica after a few minor tweaks only to notice her cheek in the shadow is lighter than the one in the light. Hmmm?!

Done or so I thought! Till I noticed that her left cheek in the light was actually darker than the cheek in the shadow...HMM its always something isn't it??
I did lower her right had been slightly higher than the left.  Can you find the other changes??  I read in Richard Schmid's great book Alla Prima II that all of the features should be parallel to each other. AKA a line draw thru the brows should be parallel with a line drawn thru the eyes and the mouth...I had a few problems there.  I think I fixed them now.

Erica II (20x24)

Al Beyer was painting her from the side yesterday and I thought it a much more interesting view so I snapped a couple of pics of her from that angle.  Today I started to paint far so good.  I really like this one.
Pleased w how this is going. Still a lot to do like her hand but the major work is done. I actually did not draw this one first like I usually do. I sketched  her in phthalo blue paint of all colors. Then I changed to burnt sienna. I do like the phthalo that is showing thru on her lower face above the shoulder.  She's fairly simply painted with large brushes without a lot of blending.  

BYTW I finally broke down and bought one of those large covered pallettes by Masterson Sta Wet thing since sliced bread.  It's kept my paint wet since MAY!!! I just spritz it down before I cover it till next time.  Truly amazing. I was tired of throwing out dried out acrylics or even worse finally mix the right color only to have it dry up before I finished painting. GRRR!!! I finally changed the pallette sheet today but still have some of the colors I put out in May...colors I dont use a lot.   Be SURE you get the large flat one with the BLUE lid not the one with the slots in it.  

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