Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Day 65 - Alex is done

Thanks for bearing with me as I complete this painting...she's come along way since the beginning.

Calling her done. The color is off in this photo - iPhone misbehaving. Maybe I should get out the real camera?!

The painting is done on canvas with acrylic paint.  Time to be brave and get out the oils!!

Alex Detail

Since the face is a bit blurry in the photo of the whole painting I am adding a detail so you can see her better.  I really like her eye.

And here she is in her glory.  My favorite part is her hand and the fabric nearest her hand.  OH and her eye!!  Now its time to put my feet up and think about something else for a while.  This started as an alla prima painting Sunday.  I suppose it still is...I am just glad shes DONE!! And yes I do like her. For the moment I am quite pleased with her!!

If you notice the background has changed alot in the finished one.  I did it by painting over the right background with yellow ochre and white  and sometimes a little burnt sienna, thinning it and smearing it with the biggest brush I could find.  The left side was done in a similar manner with burnt umber, ultramarine blue and phthalo blue.   The colors are scrubbed on with a dry brush OR I thinned it with water to glaze over the underlying colors which united them.

A few other adjustments...her arms were just off as was her breast...too big...and I narrowed her shoulder...just fractions of an inch but it can make a BIG difference!!

Who knows...I may get up in the morning and decide she needs a whole makeover but I think shes staying like she is for now..maybe forever.  A coat of Minwax semigloss polyurethane will give her the shine of an oil painting. Then she really will be done!
Thanks for looking.  Promise something new tomorrow!!

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