Tuesday, September 16, 2014


As I have been known to yell at my dogs when the squirrels are swinging from the bird feeder.  When I got home today from a funeral in need of distraction a sleek female decided to pose for me on the back porch.

I did something Charles Reid said to do when drawing live models in quick poses...just keep drawing them on the same piece of paper till you fill it up...and I did...after all wasn't my lady squirrel a live model??

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Background Piemonite and ultramarine blue...squirrels painted with zoitite and raw umber with ultramarine and burnt umber for shadows. Those primeteks do a great job on fur...and I also like their transparency!!!  Pentel brush pen for outlining and lettering.

Ps Am excited...I have a chance to spend a week with Charles Reid in the mountains in October...should I or shouldnt I??   Thinking SHOULLLDDD!!!!

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