Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 80- twenty to go

The rain outside is making me want to quit but I can do 20 more easy right!?

Honey begs

She is so easy to draw when she's hoping for a handout...She finally did get one...the story of how she became a flabrador retriever!!

Since I am busy busy doing quilting and binding quilts I thought I would share this quick pen drawing of my dog Honey. For some reason the Pentel brush pen decided to run when I hit it w watercolor. That's never happened before.

Honey is painted w black w blue highlights. Probably ultramarine. The background is manganese blue a most delicious color.

The rest of the page is notes I made while watching a Dr Fuhrman pbs special. They were there first. I added the dog last. A true journal page!!!

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