Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 104 -Sketchbookskool homework!?

Sketchbookskool is alot of fun.  This is a homework assignment from Mattias Adolfsson.  He of the very intricate off the wall fabulous sketches.

The finished sketch

This was a lot of fun to do. I also drew quite a few pigs. I do wish I could do these things quickly. Hours later it's done. I won't use my regular moleskine again for watercolor. I forgot how badly it behaved with watercolor.

Before the watercolor
I used pitt pens on it at this stage.

Double page spread in my regular large moleskine.
I don't remember anything about my first day of school other than I had a book bag. Kindergarten was a long time ago.

I am sure my mother dressed me in Mary Janes, ankle socks, white shirt with a Peter Pan collar and a plaid skirt with suspenders. I am also sure my unruly curly hair was waving or frizzing despite moms best efforts.. I was the smallest child always in school.  I started first grade in a 4T!!  Really!!

I did go back over the finished sketch with my pentel brush pen. I found a couple of packs of cartridges when I was cleaning out the drawer looking for my camera battery charger.  

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