Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 103 - WIP Large Watercolor

Looking Glass Creek, Mt. Pisgah, NC 

This is a WIP a Work In Progress that I am working on...I guess you all will get to follow the progress.  It's 20x30 so it's going to take a while to finish it.  I certainly would HATE to mess it up.  I used the usual colors...aurelin, raw sienna, cerulean blue plus some dark purples made with indigo and vermilion as well as cobalt purple.  I also made greens with the green hematite and that green gold from Holbein that I NEVER can remember. Rocks are zoitite mixed with cobalt. Lovely transparent grey!!

For those of you who did not read the first post about this WIP, this is how I have done it SO far!!

First I drew it, then I masked the trees and some of the leaves...NO ALOT of the leaves.  Also the reflection on the water.

Next I washed in the sky with cerulean...very pale wash.  I daubed in the tree leaves with a green mix on a sponge. I also daubed on some yellows and golds with the sponge.  


Then I washed over the green by wetting the greens down with my brush...not adding more green...I did that on just SOME of them.  I washed some purples over areas of the green to make the darks in the rhododendrons.  The purples were very wet and thinned in some areas more than others.  I washed the yellows down with a nice light grey to give some shadows to it.


After that I started daubing in yellows and lime greens in the tree tops.

After that I painted the leaves along the rivers edge...raw sienna with some purples and golds added.

I added LOTS of rocks.  Zoitite and cobalt blues with purple now and then.  The rocks still need alot more work...the trees just a up...hmm the water??!  I dont know. I will think about that tomorrow!!

OH and I got a fabulous new car today!! A Prius...I LOVEEEE it!!

Thanks for looking!!

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