Sunday, October 19, 2014

105 - Pig Fun

The Final Version least till someone thinks of something I should add to it.

Watching one of Mattias Adolfsson's instructional videos during his Sketchbookskool class, he said we could draw anything that we could imagine. One time I spent HOURS trying to draw a real pig that made me happy with its pigness.  I still have it in an old moleskine around here somewhere.  He said to try because though it might not look exactly like a real pig everyone would recognize it as a I did...then I drew another and another as I thought of funny things for them to do....and I think they look like pigs.

I watched the second homework video on Sketchbookskool.  I realized my pigs fit the bill if I added a few story lines. 

I added funny things..that's my mother saying NO sun between 10 and 2...not that she looks like a pig but she told that to us every summer at the beach. ...and made us stick to that rule.

Mudbath- What else would a pig do but take a mudbath...why not in a clawfoot tub??

Then my family joined in and decided the Bottoms up big had to be a BBQ pig. It does look like one from a southern whole hog BBQ...and its accompanied by our favorite BBQ - Carolina BBQ.

Version Two

Before I added the conversations.

I inked in it with my Pentel Brush Pen.  It's drawn in a regular Moleskine which as I have said before does NOT like watercolor AT ALL...great for drawing on but NOT for watercolor!!  These pages are very warped and not flat like a watercolor should be.

The original pencil sketch of the pigs.

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