Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 106- Day 1 with Charles Reid!!

I am at Cheap Joes taking a class from the awesome Charles Reid...the author of 12 books with North Light and many dvds on how to paint like Charles Reid.
Even Joe himself of Cheap Joes is taking the class!! Two days of flower painting and hmm two more days of value studies.  

Cant say enough about how great everyone at Cheap Joes is.  The classroom is just terrific.  We can see every stroke on the HUGE flat screen tv in front of the room.  We each have our own work table, lots of great light, terrific catered lunch, AND last but not least there were guys to help us schlep our stuff from our cars to our tables!! Going to have to take another class at Cheap Joes!!

This is what I painted today.  I am oh so more pleased with it than any flowers I painted in his class last spring.  I actually got the idea of negative painting. I didnt destroy my whites and lights like the daisies...last time I made a hash out of them.    My only critism of this painting is that the wine bottle and pumpkin look lost over on the left by themselves and the vase is DEAD center...never a good look. 

So I cropped it...think this one looks ever so much better than the whole picture.  The bottle and the pumpkins look good but ..hmm that can be a whole other painting right?!

Which one do you like better??

This is the master Charles Reids painting from today. Is it not AWESOME!! I love everything about it.  Notice his wine bottle touches the flowers UNLIKE mine.  

Enough for now. I could do another whole post on the great fun Mike and her husband Allan and I had going to Mast General after class taking pictures of great barns and pumpkins in the valley there BUT I am tired and taking a shower!! 

More tomorrow!!

Thanks for looking!!


Janette Meetze said...

Wow Margaret, what an amazing opportunity to take a class from Charles Reid. I have all the books and videos and love his work. Good to know the classes at Cheap Joes are so well organized, thanks for sharing your experience and your work.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I took a class at Cheap Joe's last fall, (Feeling Lin) and agree with your assessment of the facility and folks there. Would love to go back again. The days are exhausting but exhilarating!