Saturday, November 29, 2014

148 - Dogs dogs dogs!!

Drew numerous dogs all morning today. And I love all but one. Will start w my favs.

I have gotten brave since sketch bookskool and draw with my pen instead of my pencil. This does occasionally get me in trouble but I find I look at what I am drawing more carefully when I use a pen first then when I use a pencil. I also do more of a contour drawing direct line than a searching line like I always did with pencil.

I look at the angles of the big shapes and compare them to what I have already drawn before I draw a leg or the head. I usually start w the curve of the back. And then say to myself is the head at a 30 degree or a 45 degree angle to the back or 90?! Sometimes I draw it above the page just to get it right. And sometimes I still mess it up!!😃

Zoe my very nervous Jack Russell. I did draw this from a pic mostly because she's usually on my lap or glued to me. I used both my medium nib and my fine nib lamy to draw her whiskers. You can get a Jack Russell or a westie to pose for u if u hold their favorite treat above their heads. They will stare holes in it waiting for it.

Of course first they have to not be stick to you!!

Honey by lab rescue aka Black dawg. Most laid back friendly lab ever. Spends most her day snoozing. This started as a head shot til she stretched out her leg. So I added it.

Below is the whole page. I think her head is too small and her nose is too short so I redrew her head.

Thanks for looking!!!


Katherine Thomas said...

I like all of them! And I do like the range of values that you're achieving with the pen. Sometimes when I draw with pen and know that I won't be able to erase... I make one or two little dots to mark where I think a line should go, then I imagine the line there before I actually draw it. You're very good with the pen and with portraying these sweet pets!

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

Thanks So much Katherine...good idea about those pen dots...might keep me out of trouble!!! LOL...Sorry I didnt answer sooner...been out of town for TWO months and forgot to take my access to comments on my cell phone!!