Sunday, November 30, 2014

Day 149 - Dogs dogs dogs - Part 2

Amazing. Tomorrow I will have blogged for 150 uninterrupted days. Who would have thought?! Me who can never do anything day after day.

I love the beautiful curves in Livia's poses. Some are just lovely. Same thing I find attractive about nudes. Nothing more lovely than curves on a body combined the play of light and dark.

Somebody needs a diet!!! Honey is so sweet. Hard to tell her no snacks.

Bear. WIP- needs coloring. So aptly named. A big huge pit. Lucky he really should be called Teddy Bear because he's so sweet.

Thanks for looking!!


MulticoloredPieces said...

So cool to be consistently blogging and showing your sketches...and you've been doing this every day? Such a nice way to journal when you look back over it.
best from Tunisia,

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

Thanks so much Nadia!! Got to get used to checking for comments when I am near a computer. Sorry I didnt answer sooner...been out of town for TWO months and forgot to take my access to comments on my cell phone!! Amazingly posted day 193 or was it 194 yesterday?!!