Monday, December 01, 2014

Day 150 - amazing !!

I planned to do people. Sat at the counter in a far corner from everyone because the guy ahead of me got the last table.

The only guy who noticed I was attempting to draw was the guy emptying the trash cans. He was slamming them and fussing so I was afraid to draw him.

Trash can Guy! With comments!!

Here he is five hours after I saw him. I didn't even take a pic of him. He's a lot older than the guy I drew. To compound troubles I
painted him w a sepia water pen instead of watercolor. I tried to even the color out but gave up.

But I drew a few others as the quickly went in and out the door that was nearby. Nobody paused so these are all very quick!!

Worst of all thee were tables outside where I could have been enjoying the lovely 70 degree temps.

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