Thursday, November 06, 2014

Day 124 - Sketching at Target's Starbucks

Two double page spreads in my moleskine.  I think I spent about an hour drawing all of these...oh and eating popcorn too while I drew!!  You have to have popcorn when you go to Target!!

Sketching at Target's Starbucks on Moreland Avenue in Atlanta. Realized if I faced the register there was a herd of models walking by. Ink in my moleskin. Too bad I didn't realize my Lamy was running out of ink when I was drawing this but I have a pack of pilot varsity fountain pens I can use instead.  I did go back over some of it.  

The cashier on the top left page kept moving around posing for me....LOVED it...These were quick sketches done for my sketchbookskool homework.

The lady on the right was my favorite of all the people I drew in Target.  At first I thought she worked for target and was taking a break as some of the workers do. I think she was disabled and waiting for someone who was shopping.

I colored her with my Prismacolor ArtStixs...wish I hadn't!! OH WELL!! But I decided to post this so you could decide for yourself which one you liked best!

My Freestyle Socks

I promised I would post those socks from last nite when I finished them.  I am they are!! Made from Noro sock.  I change the pattern whenever I have a whim to do that.  Sometimes it gets me into trouble like when I thought i would finish the top sock with yellow and blue...I ripped it out!!

And I have enough yarn left to start another pair.  

Thanks for looking!!


Anne said...

I quite like the colour version and the sox!

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

Thanks Anne!! Sorry I didnt answer sooner...been out of town for TWO months and forgot to take my access to comments on my cell phone!! Amazingly posted day 193 or was it 194 yesterday?!!