Saturday, December 13, 2014

162- Target Part 2

Stillman & Birn Beta with Wc pencils and pens in the pic.

When I go sketching out in a Starbucks people are not necessarily where they are in my sketches. I add them as they drift into view. They are prone to drift out quickly too so I pop them in where there is room. Sometimes your view gets blocked like when I was drawing the girl on the top right. When the guy blocking my view sat down she was gone. 😳the demands of onsite sketching.

This girl had problems. A great sketch. When I added water to Wc pencil her face turned grey. Oh no. I really liked the sketch. I saved her by coloring her face with my trusty Prismacolor pencils. Thank goodness. I used Noodlers bulletproof black so no idea why it ran. I painted it several hours later so the ink had to be dry.

This guy came and went so fast I almost didn't get him. Glad I am trying to do gesture type sketches which are quick rather than drawing them exactly. I think that's one of the things Sketchbookskool has done for me. Finally clicked on how to draw people who look like people. Right proportions. I still mess up sometimes but get it right more often than not.

Thanks for looking.

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