Monday, August 08, 2005


First you might ask what a PAP is...members of the Art2mail group decided to do a progressive art piece...we sent off a piece of fabric and batting...and whatever else we wanted to go with it...I was in the Eenie group?? Carol Mesimer, Liz Nutter, Ellen Slattery, Cathi Neri, and Desiree Vaughn...well done ladies!!

I sent off a piece of my hand dyed shibori that I dyed with Jan Myers Newbury at North Carolina Quilt Symposium a couple of years ago...yes I am aging it!!! So now you want to see it right???

Here it is!!

All those squares are purple silk...14 different colors...really need to hit the thrift stores more...

The ladies did a fabulous job...and Carol Meismer made a joural book for me too...way cool!! Thanks Carol! Everyone put a page of the technique that they used in the book...very cool...hmm I am wearing that word out, arent I?
Is the cover done with lumiere???...yummmy colors...wonder what it would look like with some stamping on it...

Quilting and the tags from all those silk idea...recycle right?!

The back of the silk squares and tags...and foiling...

One little DO you get the beads out of the bag...somebody sewed it bead escapees in this journal! And last but not least the reject page...I rather like it dont you? IN fact the more I look at the "reject" the more I think it is frameable!!


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