Monday, August 07, 2006

Asheville Quilt Show and the Put a Roof over our heads quilts

What a great few days we spent in Cashiers and then in Asheville(sorry no pictures because they are for hmmmm your personal use only) going to lots of fiber things-following a booklet we got at Waechters called the Fiber Trail

e hit the Asheville quilt show which was great as usual…and of course the vendors are terrific…bought tooo much Kaffe Fassett fabrics from Thimble Pleasures atCarrboro NC…this is a pic of some of the loot…not mine!!

Several list members had work in there Scott Murkin Strata Garden with Best Machine quilting

Lynn Harrell, Heat Wave as well as couple of others

Ruth Powers -Tuscan Villa

Bonnie Ouellette and her awesome Tabletop Aquarium

And darned if I didnt miss Meg Manderson again...she gave a talk on dirt dyeing...

Then we saw the center for the quilt's Put a Roof over Our Head show both at the Piece Gardens and next door at Artemis- a gallery

Great work…AND Pamela Allen had the lead picture full page sized in the Laurel for

Asheville…a glossy mag about whats happening in

Asheville…now WHERE did you get all those geegaws on your lady Pamela?

There were a lot of good ones but I think hers was my

favorite…I didn’t see all of them as they were all over Asheville

in threes except for the gallery so we only saw those and the ones in Piece Garden where

Pamela's is…too hot to trek

all over sweaty Asheville in

search of the rest BUT if we are back on a cool day we will be…

Then into town to Waechters

Chevron(more beads), Earthguild

(taking a newbee looking for color hue silk dye…they didn’t have it), Piece Gardens

where we bought even more Kaffe Fassets…Amy has a great collection, Artemis Gallery with is 24 of the Put a Roof over our head quilts and the Costume Shop and then to my parents for dinner…we would have stopped at Ben Franklins but we couldn’t find it…drive down twisty roads in the dark from Brevard to Cashiers…foggy ride…but neat to see the mt in the gloom with the fog floating up between them….

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