Saturday, January 12, 2008

one of the things keeping me busy

was finishing up this african print turning twenty quilt!

I was finishing it as a get well present for our principal who was out with surgery...OUCH!!! did i say she loved it???

It actually has a small story. I used to work for our principals sister and they are both elephant crazy. When she hired me i was busy sewing up fabric into turning twenty agains for presents so i thought WHY not use up some of the african fabrics and make her one...I EVEN had a lovely elephant print...the bright green one in the lower left side...poor elephant is standing on its head:...

ANYWAY so the top was done in a jiffy but it laid around for a while( a year or so)...on the very large foot stool in the living room....till a friend Marsha Boasso saw it and asked what it was and i told her...she thought i ought to finish it...and then Dr. E got sick and the rest was history....Did I say she loved it?

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Teri C said...

Maggie! IT'S GORGEOUS!! I just love those colors. Did you hear me say I love it?! :)