Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quilt Show

Thank goodness Ille and Marie showed up to help or we would NEVER have gotten done! WHO knew it would take so long?

Our local library the new Columbia County library is having a traveling crazy quilt show sponsored by the Georgia Quilts Council and the library director Christina Rice asked me to organize some crazy quilts from our bee to put in the two locked display cases ...did i say these are enormous...we only had enough stuff to fill one of them...and MOST of it was mine and NOT crazy quilts...just a little crazy quilt related in HIGHLY embellished...there are even journal quilts(the ones that are NOT touring with wherever Karey is sending the show from the book) and postcards in there!!!

Thank goodness Ille and Marie and Kay sent some stuff or we would have had a very EMPTY show case!!! I even took my grandmothers crazy quilt from the 30s. She made it from wool scraps from family clothes....and went crazy on it using the feather stitch all over Fons and Porter would say was one of those projects that took a long time and kept ladies busy so they could think while they sewed and when they were finished they could say they DID it! NOT the most beautiful quilt BUT well loved...only quilt in our family...she put a wool blanket in the middle of it and it weighs A TON...

Maries daughter waiting and waiting for us to be can almost hear her thinking IS IT DONE YET MOM?!
The other case with some of the crazy quilts from the touring show ...the one on the bottom is my grandmothers crazy quilt...all wool
Hey Ladies you are making quite a mess:> We only had a little over an hour to hang these because the library was closing...and ille had to rush to walmart and back to get fishing line and dowls and other hanging things while i made cards for the items in the cabinet.

Some more of the crazy quilts...thank goodness i was there...these never would have gotten hung because fishing line was needed to hang them...there are about 30 of these...because the library was closing i did NOT have time to find out who did them. I was taking pictures as we walked out the closing library ...the security guard was beginning to glower at us because he thought it was TIME for these crazy ladies to get out of his library:>

An UPCLOSE Picture of my Grandmothers filled the whole bottom shelf of this very large case...its at least a double bed sized quilt


YankeeQuilter said...

It looks great! Nice mix of old and new!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Maggie, the display looks fantastic, and will surely evoke nostalgic memories (older quilts) and awesome admiration (newer projects). Good job!

Anita said...

Looks fab Margaret...Best of luck!