Monday, April 21, 2008

One more soft spine journal


Front Open
Between the signatures
Sewing of the signatures using black buttonhole/upholstery thread
This one is for a friends 60th birthday...she loved oriental things...hmm her bday is not till October but she may get it sooner...dont know if i can wait that long....bad right...

ok coordinating Oriental prints....i have a large stack of orientals....didnt buy a thing for this one...went shopping in my stash...three differnt threads to buttonhole stitch the edge....what else..oh used a heavy buttonhole twist/upholstery thread to sew this one together. It was black...perfect color right?

I tied charms on the ends of the black organdy ribbon in the well i don tknow what you would call it...tassel on the spine? a sewing machine...she needs a new one....then maybe she would liek to sew! and a leg malagra....she has bad arthritis so maybe this will help her...i need to add a hand one but all i had was a leg malagra.

Two of the paper beads tied on the tie...and a medallion that looked oriental to me for a button to tie the whole thing shut!


dogquilter said...

Kewl. We'll sign you up for demo at quilt guild...or Saturday playday. :) ~kim

Sharon said...

What a fabulous 60th birthday gift for your friend!

Sioux said...

Maggie, you should be selling these on like. They are wonderful!

Shirley said...

These soft spine books are great. I enjoy recycling old books so I have a really firm cover, but my love of fabric and color may lead me into the soft spine world at least just to try it!

Sandy said...

Lordy woman you are on Fire - WOW I Love them ALL - wish you would make a video!