Wednesday, June 04, 2008

EDM Ice Cream Challenge


Today is my son Bens birthday...hard to believe he's 29...where did the years go...

The month of June is full of birthdays at our house...five of them...three sons, my sister in law and my mother in law...but Ben's is first...he used to get upset that his birthday always took second place to whoever was graduating...but thats a thing of the past with early school endings around here...graduation has moved up a week...last week...

We are off momentarily to shop for his present and then onto a great dinner at either the Snug...great steaks or the new restaurant thats the hit around town PF the i didnt say at the mall did i? A fun busy day...

every year he gets a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake and this year is no i did a quick painting of one for his birthday...if you havent tried one you should..completely made from their low fat ice cream...based on a pic of thier cakes on their website...done with wc pencil and ink in my wc a feeling its not staying in there though!!

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Susan M. Walker said...

Happy Birthday BEN!!
i agree DQ cakes are one of the best. Have you tried a 'log' from BaskinRobins Icecream? We get it with cherry and mint choc chip icecram and then it is rolled in a devils food cake with fudge icing ane nuts. it too is yummy. (you can pick your icecream flavors)
And your drawing is wonderful. Would make a good card too.

enjoy the day!