Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 133-I have lost my mind.

It's official!! Got up around 7 something I never do unless it involves a fun day trip somewhere. Then I cooked breakfast cleaned up the kitchen and been drawing or painting since then. I think I have caught the drawing disease as well as the blogging disease. These are the drawings I did today.

My brother brought my go to slippers for me.  Love them on a cold morning like today but did I wear them?? NO...I drew them!! This is in my moleksine done in pit pen and Prismacolor colored pencils. 

While I sat here drawing my sons pit bull Livia posed for me ...she was standing up in the chair at the front window loking for something.  I think it was a small stray cat next door which eventually got her barking loudly.  This quick gesture sketch was drawn with my indigo Prismacolor artstix...and colored with them...I mostly used large sweeps of color and tried not to get to finicky with it.  Fun after drawing those slippers.  Her left front leg has a hmm hinge problem....she can't stand on it correctly...and oddly I picked that up in this sketch.

Thanks for looking...keep drawing!!

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