Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 135 - Leaves Part 2

You probably know my now I have a binge personality. It was pumpkins now it's leaves.  

This post is about the paper.  The difference in my moleskine watercolor journal and the kilimanjaro journal I made a while back.  

The moleskine paper is a thin, slick smooth cold pressed paper and to me does not appear to take the color as well as the 140# cold pressed kilimanjaro which has a slick crisp feeling and is rougher.  The two journals of the paper was about the same $15-16. But the difference in the paper is unbelievable. 

You may need to click on the pics to see the difference!!

Top- moleskine
Bottom - Kilimanjaro

I was not happy with the dull colors that were in my leaf painting in my new moleskine Wc book. I had heard the paper was not so great. I waited literally months to get this one from Amazon.

No art store had them. I looked!! At Cheap Joes, Binders, Sam Flaxs, only to see stacks of them this Friday at Utecht/Blick in Atlanta Thursday. They had son many they were returning a pile marked overstock.

Back to the paper. I thought the colors were dull in the moleskine so I repainted it in my kilimanjaro Wc book I made a month or so ago. I think the colors are much more vibrant on the kilimanjaro.  The moleskine seemed to suck up the watercolor like hot pressed paper does...once it was there it was there.  The kilimanjaro was more forgiving.  I made one leaf too dark. I wet it and blotted off some of the color easily.

I used the same colors, the same techniques - a lot of wet and wet, scratching the veins in with some over painting.

Top- moleskine
Bottom - Kilimanjaro

Top - Kilimanjaro
Bottom - Moleskine

Sorry the order is backwards on this one!
I think the paper difference really shows up in this one.

One last hurrah in the Kilimanjaro journal.

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