Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 35 - Quick Sketches

Was reading a book  called Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists:52 Exercises to Make Drawing Fun by Carla Sonheim. She suggested drawing your animals on index cards. I sat down Friday nite and did a few. Now I have more than a dozen and several more that are lettered quotes.  Thinking about turning them into an accordion book.

I actually cut up some cardstock to draw on instead of buying index cards.

These are my favorites of my cat Tom.

About 11 I decided to paint a couple of them. The card stock was miserable to paint ok. It was like painting on hot press paper. The color literally seemed to stick to the paper.  Drawn with a Kuratake pen that I got at Binders a couple of weeks ago.

I do rather like them. But can't you see the actual brush strokes?! So odd. I usually use cold press paper. Much more forgiving.

His eye is a mistake but that unforgiving paper wouldn't let me change it or scrub it out like cold press would.

One is of Zoe, the rest are Tom...they both are big snugglers and hard to catch when they are awake!! And of course easier to draw when they are asleep! 

Here's some of the sketches. More tomorrow.

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