Saturday, August 09, 2014

Day 34-Storm Part Two

Storms on the river are often exciting. The winds can shriek down the Savannah. You can watch the storms blowing in from the west.

Last nite's started with a Thundercall:Red Alert status. Winds torrential rains lightening thunder hail. We were off to a good start with a power outage about 6:30.

Thundercall:Red Alert

The sky changed from angry threatening clouds to soft grey as soon as the storm started. Temps fell almost 20 degrees in minutes. The pool was filled so at least two inches of rain. Wild winds. No hail. Quivery dogs from the thunder and lightening. 

So what did I do?? I journaled it...the lettering was handpainted with a round brush and watercolors and the outlining was done with this really neat set of Pentel Fountain pens I got at Binders...7 different colors for $14....I LOVE them.  Anyway they bled when I decided to paint the background a very watered down yellow but I like the effect which is watery and rainy.  All the writing was done with the Pentel Fountain pens too...I am just sad they are NOT refillable...guess they can't be perfect right?!

The watercolor of the river was painted with a washed sky of watery indigo as was the river...the trees were painted with new gamboge, sap and Pthalo green and a little indigo.

Storm From the West

Reposting so u can see before the storm. The skies change so quickly it's hard to paint them from nature. 

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