Friday, August 08, 2014

Day 33 and the powers out

A huge storm blew in from the west knocking out the power. Good excuse not to blog right??! Of course not. As long as my phone works!! No wifi so we shall see!!

Storm from the West

Here's a not quite finished watercolor of the storm blowing in.
Like the tree but clouds need more work. More when the lights come back on.

So how did I paint it??   The clouds were a purpley blue as the storm blew in.  So I used cobalt greyed out with burnt sienna and added a touch and I mean a touch of quinacridone magenta to get a touch of purple.  I kept the whites by not painting in the middle...but as the paper was wet I blotted alot with my paper towel..all over the place...across the top of the trees...and down the middle because the wet paper was wicking the blues.  The yellow in the trees in Daniel Smith Gamboge and American Journey Sap Green for the Greens with a bit of American Journey Phtalo Green. The darks are DS indigo a nice dark lovely indigo not a black indigo like American Journey or a light indigo like that tube of Van Gogh. So many Indigos and none the same!! 

The water was largely painted with had gone quite dark and smooth  before the storm with touches of green in the rough spots.

I scratched the trees in while it was still wet with my fingernail but you can use an xacto knife or that cool scratch tool that was my dads but darn it is missing yesterday and gone today!! Sigh!! 

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