Wednesday, June 25, 2008

EDM 176 Summer challenge

I just love all the flowers that bloom in early summer before the heat sets in to make them wilt...petunias are one of the quintessential flowers of summer to me...the smell their bright cheerful colors festooning planters all over town...I painted the first one while i was rocking on the back porch on Sunday...and never could get enough contrast and i lost alot of the immediacy of it so i immediately painted the second one striving for alot of variety of greens in the leaves...i like it much better than the first...what do you think?

Now off to lunch art talk at the morris museum of art in downtown Augusta! Free to museum members..just show up with your lunch...this is the talk:
Lunch and Learn with Curator Jay Williams: Approaches to Art, Part I

Curator Jay Williams discusses the viewpoints, intentions, and language of the artist. ...should be interesting!

Have a WONDERFUL day!


kazumiwannabe said...

I think the first one is cute, with the funny little animals, but the second one is beautiful!

Margaret Ann said...

Lovely papery petals and wonderful vibrant color...a great combo! :)

Kathleen said...

I think # 2 is so fresh - I cannot believe your to-do lists and all the things you actually get done ! makes me tired just reading about it

caseytoussaint said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!