Friday, October 16, 2009

quilt show going UP!

In a big gym not far from the Savannah River in the small town of North Augusta South Carolina a quilt show is going up and opening tomorrow!!theres a whole row still not even begun...lotta work going on!

The work load is unbelievable for all involved...AMAZING amounts of planning, attention to detail, and just plain work goes into the erection of any well done quilt show and i dont mean making all those quilts...i mean the building- the erection of the show itself. One group of intrepid ladies lead by our leaders Marie Atkinson and her cochair Shantel Parker and their team the quilt show committe worked long and hard for TWO years to organize these TWO days of what seems like fun to those who just attend the show....but is work work and more work for the guild...

Before i forget in case you want to come...the quilt show is at the North Augusta Rec Center just off Georgia Avenue not far from I 20...a couple of miles to the Martintown Road exit...get off at Martintown Road turn right on Georgia Avenue, turn right at the light at Buena Vista and FOLLOW those signs!!! Call me if you get lost:> ok so i cant quite post my cell on the net for all to call me...:>

Dana walking and walking

so this one goes WHERE?
the baskets
the basket vendor...alot of work to be done!
Dana checking out the bra challenge
slowly the number of quilts hungs goes up!
woohoo...finally some men show up to help!! those metal poles DO get heavy!!
Our fearless quilt show chair Marie checking it twice with her able assistant Miss Sami!
the members sales booth...lots of inexpensive fabulous goodies...raise your prices ladies...$12.50 for a cool heavily beaded needle case...i mean give me a break...but i have my eye on one!!

Jolene checking out the guild members sales table..some GREAT buys there....
Judging and the diligent Rachel Thomas hanging all the long row of small quilts...from minis to wall quilts...
Jeff's sewing and vacuum

looks like Christmas is coming for sure!
I am not sure what this booth is...soldier quilts maybe?
In stitches booth...lots of lovely hand sewing hand dyed threads...yummm ...spent quite a bit here last time...I DO Love hand dyed pearl cotton

i love this picture of the antique vendors sewing supplies...i think this is my favorite picture...
antique vendors booth
Is it a quilt??? The judging
The judging...Rachel's ladies under the eagle eye of Madeline Hawley
One mor trip...Robert Unloading quilt shop on the corners stuff
The antique lady setting up....its such a lot of work setting up for a quilt show
Ille working hard...i do think she is the energizer bunny...she was on TOP of a ladder when i left last other favorite the composition of this one!

Betsy's birthday quilt....judge said it was such a great design....designed by moi....executed by our bee for our good friend the lovely Betsy Cade
is alot of work...and there were a dirth of idea where they this is how we spent the day yesterday
Judy Lockharts one block wonder aka Cant go wrong with a Kaffe Fassett
love this piece of cake pattern quilt...its awesome
did i say i have enough polka dots to do this one....i think i need this quilt:>paper piecing hits a new extreme
Barbara is too pooped!!
Kims birthday quilt looks good hanging...should have been would pass muster!
an antique quilt with many town leaders ancestors signed it...the few wearables in the show this year
the guild donation quilt ...all proceeds go to to Camp Rainbow...a camp for kids with cancer...needle turned applique beautifully quilted by Judy Lockhart...using Piece of Cake pattern
Marie our fearless quilt show leader and utterly unflappable but finally getting tired....and her daughter Sami...everyones daughter:>
my favorite quilting machine ....the Handiquilter

Quilt Shop on the Corners booth...ALOT Of work to set this up but looking GOOD:>

now there is a story behind this one...i finished the binding on monday the sleeve on tuesday right before quilt turn in...this got a blue in bed maybe mixed i doubt applique since there are some awesome appliquers in our guild...this is maybe the twentieth quilt i have long has unmarked feathers in the big wide borders...pumpkin stitch in the star....and echo quilting around the applique...i NEVER in a million years EVER thought it was good enough to get a blue...and it almost got the BIG in was in the running right till the last...evidently the judge was in love with the star and the way it spins...this is one of the jillion tops i have had in the closet at least five years waiting to quilt....It looks good but i know its errors....guess i should NOT be a judge:>...based on a piece of cake pattern

Best of ...fancy that:>

Best Machine work- my good friend Judy Lockhart

Best hand quilting Pat Wooke...her work is immaculate and gorgeous

Best use of Color Rachel Thomas
and the best of all together....


Gloria Hansen said...

GORGEOUS quilts!!! I LOVE your work.

Francyne Willby said...

Very nice show. Your work well deserved the ribbons. Congratulations!