Friday, October 16, 2009

The show is open!!!

The quilt show chairperson Marie Atkinson and Chantal Parker the cochair with the North Augusta mayor at the show opening...waiting for me to join them....GREAT job ladies!!!
Rachel Thomas awesome bed quilt...third plus a well deserved BEST use of incredible quilt based on Karen Stones awesome paper piecing....except she did not want to blocks the same so she changed them....and its hand quilted...the woman has fingers of STEEL to quilt thru all that fabric!! AWESOME quilt Rachel!
I just liked this idea who made it...toooo tired to walk ove and look

My friend Illes immaculate applique and piecing ...combined with Judy Lockharts awesome quilting...a hard to beat combination...second in mixed applique pieced! OH from at Piece with Time by Diane Frankenburger and Kristi Steiner

My one block wonder ...kinda pale and washed out...the flash was not working...mindless endless piecing at its best or is that worst?!
A charming Christmas quilt
Rachel Thomas' interesting song....another winner Rachel:>
A Judy Lockhart challenge quilt from her guild in Atlanta...will take a better picture
I love this little seascape by Paula Brown...lots of glitzy fabrics...maybe some angelina fibers?!
Another Paula Brown art quilt...Great job!
Our guild Vintage block challenge...members were given an old block to reuse in a new small wall quilt...some of these are just wonderful!! GREAT job ladies!!!

My oriental star quilt....FIRST place WHOOOTT WHOOT:>

Sharon Walls great poppy wall hanging

My good friend Connies lovely Applique and pieced quilt....GORGEOUS:>
Judy Lockhart shows that even a turning twenty again can be a gorgeous prize winner!
C hantal Parkers glitzy Christmas wreath...
Dolls...including our friend Betsy Cade who got second and third....woohooo Betsy!
Linda Yehles great retirement quilt for a Colonel she knows...
a beautiful bright basket quilt
Sharon Walls Stack n whack...great half square triangles....and Judys quilting is awesome!
Sharons Walls Stack and whack with Judy Lockharts fabulous quilted feathers...theres a reason she won best machine quilting!


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Diana, Anyone can do anything; one step at a time!

Diana said...

The team at the local show printed copies of the layout grid with the quilters and quilt names on it.

We could take photos and if we did them in some order we could use the grid to ID the photos.

That was so useful. 8-)

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