Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crowfield by the Sea

Spent a lovely long weekend at a friends beach front house at Edisto....and this was their hospitality gift...maybe they will have me back again...then i can do the front or the beach side of the house:>

beachside at crowfield...i love the way it nestles down into the jungle that is overtaking the dunes

the dunes from the porch

and the blue waters where the Atlantic meets St. Helenas Sound...bytw thats Otter Island and Pine Island small in the distance on the other side of the water.

Look carefully at this will see a dot on the horizon toward the middle that is the channel marker a LARGE buoy...cant tell by this picture can you? DOUBLE CLICK on the picture and you will see the dot...finally....I have NO idea how far out it is....

One time we were sitting on the dh, my sil and I ...reading our books..he was fishing...a lady and her child were on one of those flimsy cheap plastic floats ALL THE WAY OUT at the buoy...the one that barely shows...guess who decides to be a hero and swim out and save them...they were being sucked up into the current and would have drown...Needless to say my sil and I almost had heart attacks watching him swim out and tow them one drown thanks to his bravery unsung hero...

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YankeeQuilter said...

We had a great time down at Edisto the past few days...really a relaxing place!