Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 114 - Practice

Evidently I need more!!!

Canson Monteval paper
I broke two rules I shouldn't have- made the head small instead of at least 4" tall and block in the figure first- Legs are cut off!! Oopps!!!  Making the head too small makes it hard to paint.  I DO Like that I lost the edges on the back of the figure...Next time I need to draw the head BIGGER!!!

PS I like the chair too!!

I do like the hand!! Maybe I will just draw hands!!  Yes I know its missing one finger...she does have five...but the pinkie was not showing...

Sort of a contour drawing...a modified one!

Initial sketch. Oops should have done a better job of it too but I was sneak drawing my sister Jan. Now she can shoot me. Next time I will do a better job. Promise!!!

Thanks for looking!!

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